Vertical industry staffing

Media, retail, finance staffing & more.

There is more to technology than understanding code. Vertical Focus is the only IT Staffing firm that is able to combine its deep understanding of diverse technology platforms with the critical component of vertical alignment. Vertical Focus fully accommodates our client base by focusing on industry-specific IT staffing solutions for verticals such as:

By focusing our IT resourcing on verticals, Vertical Focus can knowledge-share with new projects and implement best practices across Vertical Focus broad customer base.

The World’s Leading Media Organizations Trust Vertical Focus

Vertical Focus understands the relationship between media culture and technology. Media companies rely on cutting edge technologies across all platforms - from publishing to digital - in order to deliver their product. The right IT tools in the hands of the right IT professionals is critical for a creative industry to remain competitive.

Vertical Focus staffs thousands of media-friendly skill sets each year:

A Mission-Critical Relationship Between Retail & E-Commerce

Retail companies across the US trust Vertical Focus IT Resourcing. Vertical Focus knows first-hand the ability of technology to transform retail businesses into efficient, successful entities.

Vertical Focus has extensive experience with Epicor/NSB, Oracle Retek and SAP AFS, plus expert understanding of the retail supply chain including POS systems, order fulfillment, shipment, inventory, EDI, BI and reporting.

Unique Challenges for the Financial Sector

Financial services organizations rely on Vertical Focus’s experience tackling unique challenges like compliance, government regulations, and the ever-increasing need for sophisticated trading and risk management applications.

Vertical Focus delivers diverse solutions for projects involving PeopleSoft,, and Data and Business Analyst resources by connecting the unique demands of financial institutions with the appropriate tools and processes to ensure a seamless and productive business environment.

Vertical Focus has a Vested Interest in Emerging Markets

Vertical Focus was founded as a small business with a big entrepreneurial spirit. An international organization a decade later, we understand the IT staffing needs of start-ups and big corporations alike.

You’re small, well-funded and growing fast. Your pace, culture, environment and technology needs are different than those of larger, more established organizations. You must be able to execute your vision quickly and effectively.

Vertical Focus is consistently on the forefront of groundbreaking technology like Open Source, Mobile/Tablet, Web 2.0, SaaS, and Cloud Computing. Vertical Focus IT Resourcing works to ensure that new technologies are a source of growth, profitability, and competitive advantage for our customers in the emerging markets vertical.


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