Our Company

Vertical Focus is a rapidly growing Business & IT Consulting, Outsourcing, and Technology Services provider, headquartered in Pennsylvania.

We serve Fortune 500 clients, offering world-class expertise in Enterprise Services, Cloud Services, Mobility Services, and Analytics. With senior resources in North America and India, we offer the highest quality solutions at industry-leading prices using what we call a "Right Shore" model intended to deliver unprecedented value to our clients. Our singular focus is customer. SUCCESS: meeting or exceeding the strategic, operational, and financial goals of our clients through a shared risk model that leverages our global strengths in technology, talent, and process.

Vertical Focus offer you world-class expertise in all areas of IT, including:

Why Vertical Focus?

Vertical Focus partners with clients to attain agile business transformation across your people, process and technology. From Cloud-enabled customer lifecycle consulting to managed services and technology staffing services, thousands of clients from multiple industries collaborate with Vertical Focus to usher in a new level of business responsiveness to achieve efficient, adaptive business performance.

We are distinctly positioned between classic management consultants and breakthrough agile technical designers. Our world-class portfolio proves our ability to match our Agile consulting methodology with unparalleled vision.

Why Agile Business Transformation?

There is no doubt that today’s business environment is becoming more dynamic and ever-shifting. In few places is this more profound than in the outward-facing customer lifecycle: marketing, sales and service--and the alignment of IT with the business. However, many organizations are constrained by technology that does not match the way they do business today, and they can’t easily evolve to fit the way they need to do business tomorrow.

Flexible Cloud technologies can help—but only if they can move in lockstep with changes in the business—whether that’s during implementation or well after. Vertical Focus's unique agile business approach helps companies introduce new levels of market and business responsiveness into their customer lifecycle and IT organization.

What services does Vertical Focus provide?

Business Process & Strategy

Don’t map bad processes to new technology. With Vertical Focus Blueprint and business process management (BPM) services we will evaluate your specific business issues. Vertical Focus provides deep industry knowledge across the customer lifecycle.

Agile Implementation

Once you’ve clearly defined your strategy and processes, you need to implement a solution that specifically caters to your business. Vertical Focus offers several options for configuration, data management, data integration and cloud application development.

IT Resourcing

The people that handle your mission-critical systems matter as much as the systems themselves. You need the best people, with specific skills sets, at the right time to ensure the success of your projects. Vertical Focus IT Resourcing is expert IT staffing on demand.

Agile Managed Services

Vertical Focus managed services will help you tap new value from your existing solutions from go-live to ever after. Vertical Focus offers cloud management, remote database administration and system administration for cloud and on-premise technologies.

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What is the Vertical Focus Success Guarantee?

We put skin in the game. We base our entire relationship with you on tangible success criteria that we define at the outset of every implementation project. So when you do business with Vertical Focus you know upfront how we are going to measure success of your project. We will hold a significant amount of the project fees until that success criteria has been realized.

Who are Vertical Focus Clients?

Vertical Focus has more than 3,000 mid-sized and enterprise clients in B2B and B2C industries such as high technology, financial services, media, manufacturing, healthcare and retail.