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with a rich experience in building cloud solutions.

Build or Buy? With the flexibility and cost savings of web 2.0 applications development, many business are opting to build cloud solutions that are tailor made to their specific business processes. Vertical Focus is a leader in custom cloud application development; we leverage our agile consulting framework to develop solutions that help companies innovate and extend existing functionality in the most popular cloud and Open Source platforms.

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With Vertical Focus custom application development, you get:

Vertical Focus Custom Application Development is the Standard in Quality Cloud Development

We take collaboration to the next level. Vertical Focus embodies a tribal culture to ensure that you are leveraging the deep expertise and knowledge that exists across our organization. Core to our pack mentality are the following standard practices that we apply to all cloud application solutions:

When you work with Vertical Focus on cloud application development, you gain over 10 years of cloud development expertise and thousands of hours of best practices. With Vertical Focus, we will bring your applications to your users faster and with unparalleled code standards and success.

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