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Vertical Focus Sales Effectiveness Consulting Services allows your people to do what they do best.

Unlike most organizations in a company (HR, IT, operations, legal, etc.) there are very few (if any) standards or benchmarks that exist to measure the effectiveness of a sales organization.  

The "life expectancy" of most sales leaders is less than 2 years, and each new head of sales brings their own personal strategy for sales success.  Thus, sales organizations go through frequent cycles of change and often operate significantly below their potential.

Furthermore, most sales teams are measured by whether or not they achieve their annual goals.  But it is very difficult to know if these goals were well set,  and even harder to compare sales organizations from one company against another.  As a result, most sales organizations operate between 10-30% below their potential, and some even more.  

The bottom line is that companies are investing heavily in their sales organizations, but are often not achieving an acceptable return on their investment. Welcome Vertical Focusf Sales Effectiveness and Sales Cloud Consulting.

Top 5 Sales Effectiveness Self Assessment Questions

  1. Is your sales process defined and how does your organizational structure align with it?
  2. Do you have a CRM application in use now?  If so, how well has it been adopted by sales and marketing as part of a sales effectiveness program?  
  3. Are you leveraging The Sales Cloud to bring together customer insights in real time?
  4. Does your sales training program prepare your salespeople to differentiate themselves and win business from your target markets at or above your target margin?
  5. Is your sales compensation plan driving the right behavior?  How much more incentive do you pay to your top performers versus the average incentive pay?
  6. Are you able to produce an accurate forecast of future sales and revenue?  Can you describe your current forecasting methodology/process?  

Vertical Focus’s agile Salesforce Consulting and Sales Cloud Implementation approach will help you bring your sales organization to the next level. We provide the Sales Cloud strategy and implementation plan to optimize sales organization effectiveness.

With Vertical Focus Sales Effectiveness Consulting you will:

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