Remote DBA

unlimited, fixed-fee remote dba managed service.

Here’s the bottom line: Vertical Focus for Remote DBA is 24x7 remote database administration for Oracle, DB2 UDB, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and AWS. Like all Vertical Focus Managed services, Vertical Focus for Remote DBA helps you extract value from your technology investments--above and beyond implementation and day-to-day management of your environment.

With Vertical Focus for Remote DBA, you're able to:

Vertical Focus for Remote DBA is a straightforward UNLIMITED, monthly, fixed-fee managed service which includes:

As a leading remote DBA and managed services provider, Vertical Focus has a proven methodology for offering high-end remote database administration, leveraging the most innovative technology and ensuring the greatest security.

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Escalation process

prioritizing mission-critical database issues, involving the client every step of the way.

Vertical Focus for Remote DBA tackles complexities and tailors priorities that are specific to your needs. Below are examples of our response protocols and capabilities.

Priority One: 

Priority Two: 

Priority Three:

Priority Four: 

The Vertical Focus Ticketing System

Our enhanced Ticketing System improves and expedites communication between you and you’re  DBAs.

The systems benefits you by:

Vertical Focus for Remote DBA is also fully equipped to use a client's own ticketing system, if already in place.

Emergency Support

For emergency situations, Vertical Focus for Remote DBA access the Vertical Focus Off-Hours Emergency Hotline. For off-hours emergencies, this hotline is the lifeline to your DBAs. In a mission-critical crisis, your primary and on-call DBAs can be notified immediately.

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