Blueprint services

Plan Ahead for Success with Strategic and Process Blueprint Services from Vertical Focus.

The Blueprint is an engagement designed to help you gain a clear vision of your organization’s implementation requirements, time-lines, and cost. The Blueprint also consists of specific process strategy definitions and optimizations.  

As cloud solutions continue to expand into enterprise organizations and increase in technical complexity, gaining insight into what will be required for an implementation is more difficult. So spend the time up front to update ineffective processes BEFORE you implement--it will be critical to your long-term success.  

The Vertical Focus Blueprint program was created to aide you in this discovery process.  Together with Vertical Focus’s process and cloud technology experts, we will guide your organization to ensure a successful decision and roll out BEFORE you make the technology commitment

Why Blueprint?

Vertical Focus Process Blueprint

Much in the same way that every implementation is unique, so too is each Strategic and Process Blueprint. While Blueprints are customized for each organization, in every Blueprint there are a few common goals that should be accomplished.

Vertical Focus's Blueprint Services are designed to:

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