Get more out of your salesforce investment post go-live.


Congratulations. You’ve implemented Salesforce. But, how will you sustain your innovation and continue to reap the benefits post go-live?

Most companies implement Salesforce like they did in the On-Premise software era, and once in place, continue to manage them with the same approach. As a result, they often neglect to manage the business processes and resources necessary to enable continual innovation— and fail to seize opportunities to enhance their applications after their initial go-live.

Continual Innovation with Focus Cloud for

Focus Cloud for will help your business continue to sustain your innovation on Salesforce and continue to gain the highest levels of ROI.

With Focus Cloud for, you get:

With Focus Cloud for Salesforce you get access to over a decade of expertise including:

What if I already have Premier Support?

No problem. We tell our clients who already have Salesforce Premier Support that adding Focus Cloud for is a preferred strategy. Why?

Because Focus Cloud is not a support program. Premier support is designed to answer basic functionality issues, not provide best practices on business process issues or provide customization on the platform. That is where Beyond comes in.

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