Vertical Focus training solutions

our definition of a successful implementation is simple: total user adoption.

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Why Training?

In today’s competitive business environment, it is essential that a company remain agile and iterative. As technology continues to drive business processes, your teams will have to adapt at an increasingly fast pace. The most effective way to ensure an easy transition is to create a culture that embraces change and collaboration--both crucial to building a modern workforce.

Vertical Focus has built the strongest training and change management organization in the industry and we believe that employees are an essential component in creating the agile enterprise. User adoption is a key success metric for technology implementations and Vertical Focus can help prepare your employees by providing them with a foundation for professional development.

Vertical Focus Training Options:

Role-Based Public Training

Vertical Focus has designed role-based training tracks to target different functions within an organization. Enrich your career and add to your skill-set by taking one of our certification courses or business processes workshops.  These courses will be delivered in a classroom setting in PA and virtually.

Vertical Focus Office Hours

When you sign up for our Salesforce Administrator track courses, we provide you with 1 hour per week for 3 months free of Vertical Focus Office Hours. Office Hours gives you a deeper focus on topics covered during your course through one-on-one sessions with a Salesforce expert consultant. We want to help you strategize your Salesforce instance to ensure maximum ROI!

Virtual Training

Can't make it to one of our classroom trainings in PA? No problem! Vertical Focus offers virtual training so that students from all over the country can attend. Our virtual training is the same format as our regular in-person classes, except content is delivered virtually-- giving you the flexibility to work remotely. Through our virtual training platform you can easily interact directly with our instructors and easily perform all course exercises.

Private Training

Get all the benefits of our training courses and workshops exclusively for your entire team, conducted at your site using your classroom facilities. Ideal for 5 to 15 participants. Private training is convenient for your staff because they get to remain on-site during the 3-day intensive course and your employees will get the 1-on-1 time they need to be successful.

Custom Training

We meet with key stakeholders beforehand to discuss vital success criteria and blend it with underlying principles to deliver custom-tailored training to your business. By understanding your internal processes, our instructors can ensure that your employees are focusing on functionality that will help improve your business. We deliver training exclusively for up to 15 participants, using customized materials, examples, and exercises that apply uniquely to your company’s business processes.


Vertical Focus's eLearning program delivers comprehensive content in real-time by using short, digestible modular learning processes. Vertical Focus's eLearning uses frequent interactions with the user to engage and ensure understanding. And we can even tailor the program specifically for your business instance and processes — so it will be relevant to your employees.