Customer service transformation

Creating a Customer-Obsessed Organization.

Today, customers have unprecedented access to company and product information and can share positive or negative feedback with thousands of people within seconds. Providing a satisfying customer service experience is a key differentiator.

It’s no longer about how fast a business can respond to customer communication, but how well.  Traditional metrics are good at tracking the cost of servicing a customer (average handle time, agent utilization, first call resolution). But that is no longer enough. Leading organizations are also measuring their customer’s overall engagement with their brand, capturing and combining traditional metrics with new social service metrics:

Vertical Focus's Customer Service Practice can help you realign your technology and culture with a new focus around managing customers at a deeper level. From Blueprinting a new customer service vision to creating a phased implementation approach with no downtime or data disruptions, Vertical Focus will help execute a comprehensive plan across your key constituents.

Vertical Focus Customer Service Consulting Highlights

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