Marketing effectiveness

Vertical Focus is the leader in improving marketing effectiveness and revenue performance management.

Vertical Focus’s Marketing Effectiveness combines experience-based marketing strategy with industry-leading marketing automation technology.  Vertical Focus's Marketing Effectiveness provides you with best practices to help you plan, implement, and manage smart marketing campaigns that have a positive and measurable impact on your bottom line.

Top 5 Marketing Automation Self-Assessment Questions:

  1. Are you targeting the right buyer? Are you using the right channels to reach them?
  2. Is your marketing automation solution able to track campaign ROI from start to finish?
  3. Is your data accurate, up-to-date, complete, and all in one place?
  4. Are your marketing and sales teams properly aligned?
  5. Does your marketing organization possess the skills and resources required to create, deploy, and measure campaigns effectively?

Vertical Focus's agile consulting approach to marketing automation will help you bring your marketing organization to the next level.  We provide the strategy and implementation plan to enhance your marketing execution from strategy to marketing automation.

With Vertical Focus Marketing Effectiveness solutions, you will:

Marketing Automation Strategy & Vision

Implementation Services

Campaign Management

Lead & Contact Management

Marketing Effectiveness Measurement

To learn more about Vertical Focus's Marketing Effectiveness Consulting, please contact us.